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In 2015, The Grigor Gevorgyan Foundation (GGF) was launched as a small foundation meant to provide essential services for marginalized children in underdeveloped areas around the world. What began as a dream for the founders, GGF quickly became a premier foundation that raised over one million dollars during its infancy. Following the onset of the 2020 War in Artsakh, our founders traveled to areas in Armenia affected by the war. Quickly realizing the lack of services provided to children with special needs, our founders stepped in and provided tremendous services to many areas within the country. This included, counseling, sports activities, shelter, program inceptions, clothing, food, among other things.

Today, GGF continues to support many schools in underdeveloped areas to offer programs that will empower children to reach their greatest potential. As an innovative foundation, we are channeling our resources to focus on wellness, counseling, therapy, vocational training, research and the many social determinants of health that impact children and families. Through fundraising, grant-making and advocacy, GGF enables researchers and community organizations to identify and implement innovations capable of advancing children’s health and wellness.

With this in mind, GGF is currently working on a phenomenal project involving the inception of a Children’s Center that will offer a range of programs and activities to enable our children to reach their greatest potential!

"Children are our future and to invest in them today translates to their success in the future."

Grigor Gevorgyan Foundation


The Grigor Gevorgyan Foundation (GGF) was founded in 2015 by individuals who sought to provide highest quality services for children and young adults who are challenged with developmental, learning, and emotional barriers. Over the years, the services provided by GGF expanded to meet the changing needs of its people, successfully developing and implementing early intervention programs for infants and toddlers, as well as residential, work and day programs for young adults.

Today, with over one million dollars raised in donations, GGF has become the premier non-profit organization offering a full continuum of lifespan services for children and young adults with developmental disabilities and other special needs. GGF has supported over one thousand children, young adults and their families who experience day to day challenges as a result of developmental issues.

GGF is not only regional in California, but also offer countless programs internationally in under-developed nations across the world. We are dedicated to providing a lifetime of services for people so that they can live as independently as possible, and with the right support. All participants in GGF are examples that anyone can grow and succeed when barriers are eliminated allowing for opportunities to shine through.

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Willow Springs Fundraiser – Oct. 23, 2022 – 7:00AM

Willow Springs Fundraiser – Oct. 23, 2022 – 7:00AM

This event will benefit The Grigor Gevorgyan Foundation.  This foundation was founded to provide highest quality services for children who are challenged with developmental,  learning, and emotional barriers.

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